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  1. Download the Facebook Profile Assessment Sheet (click here to download)

    Completing this document will help to give me an idea of where you're at in your Facebook and social media marketing efforts. We'll use this information to craft a plan that compliments what you're currently doing while laying the groundwork to take your endeavors farther.
  2. Connect with me to keep our communications up-to-date

    We'll be discussing a lot of information and I want for us to able to stay in constant contact with each other. Below are some of my social media profiles. If you haven't already, add me to your contact list on these sites and services:

    • Add me as a friend on Facebook:
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  3. Contact me at your earliest convenience so we can get started immediately:

    • Send me an email at deontee[at]deontee[dot]com,
    • Give me a call at +1 (205) 901.9525, or...
    • Contact me on Skype.
  4. Go and dine on that favorite meal of yours or, just kick back and relax for a bit. You deserve it! And, soon, we'll be well on our way to creating a plan that'll increase your brand exposure, grow your business, and swell your bank account.

    Talk with you soon,

    Deontée Gordon

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