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Hi Deon, Man, where was this ebook when I got started on Facebook? I've got to hand it to you my friend. This is an excellent guide for Facebook beginners...(and that's alot of us). Sure beats the old 'trial-and-error' strategy so many of us like to use. Thanks for the 'map' to facebook success my friend. Great read...


Kevin R.

Hi Deon,

I have just finished the ebook and I learned a lot. I have never used Facebook before but have heard the name many times. Your ebook is great in that it explains everything step by step and the illustrations that go along with each step make it easy to follow along.



Dear Deon,

I really thought your e-book was Excellent! And a Good resource for both a newbie to Facebook and with a few valuable nuggets for the more experienced user!

Thank you again,

Michael S. DeVries

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