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Get out. Vote. Make History.

Coming from Birmingham - ground zero of the Civil Rights Movement - this election has surreal and historic implications for me. But, regardless, of political affiliation, race, gender, or economic background, make sure you get out and vote. Make History!

Today, I’ve already driven over 100 miles to my polling place, had my car door hit by a baffled senior citizen, and heard my aunt recount a hilarious story about an overzealous voter throwing the Black Power Fist in Wal-Mart. I’m sure there’s more laughing and head-shaking to come.

If you have any political stories to share, let’s hear ‘em. I can only imagine what you all have been seeing and hearing out there. Until then, enjoy the day and make sure your voice is heard.

I’m Deon Gordon, and I approve this message.

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