If he can be that passionate about pizza…

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be passionate about your business. Meet Anthony Mangeiri, owner of Una Pizza Napoletana in New York City. I stumbled across him while browsing through a few pages on Chow.com (after consuming my second steak in less than 24 hours).

Anthony was featured in a video that showcased his pizza joint and managed to capture a bit of his unique and dynamic personality. If there’s an Italian version of Gary Vaynerchuk, this guy is it!

Anthony oozes passion and I found him to be shockingly authentic, yet curiously down to earth. The guy talks with such an intensity that you wonder if he’s able to convey the meaning of life through a parable about pizza making.

I’ve quickly realized that, for majority of the cases, success is going to be much harder to come by if you don’t LOVE what you’re doing. I want my success to be measured by the amount of time I spend doing what I’m most passionate about.

Check out the video of Anthony. You might come away with a completely different interpretation of what it means to have love and passion for what you’re doing in business.

Watch. And be inspired.

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#1 Cenay Nailor on 01.19.09 at 8:52 pm

Talk about really drilling into your *niche*! Four pizzas, with basically the same ingredients, plus or minus one or two things…

…and you can really see his passion for what he does. It’s in what he says of course, but it’s also in his anger about a pizzeria trying to be all things to all people.

I would LOVE to have a pizza oven built by him in my house!


#2 David Atkinson on 01.30.09 at 2:35 pm

Hi Deont’ee,

I am so, so feeling his passion for pizza’s that I want to fly out there for one myself. Awesome.

David Atkinson

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#3 Deon on 01.30.09 at 2:57 pm

- Ditto on the pizza desire. I’m definitely paying him a visit when I’m in town.

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